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901 Customs specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom vehicles including Sprinters, buses, SUVs, limos, RVs, Airstreams, armored, and hearses. Founder, Dave McPhail, is well-known in the industry as the owner and operator of some of the largest and most innovative manufacturers in the world. After more than 30 years of success in southern California, Dave moved to join his new wife in Tennessee.

Right away Dave saw a huge need for his unique skills and set about solving that problem by founding 901 Customs. His small shop quickly became known as a true rarity: a place doing hard-to-find custom work for a wide variety of situations. It didn’t take long to gain a reputation as a high-quality, hands-on shop that could solve problems most manufacturers wouldn’t touch. 

Word spread so quickly that Dave had to relocate and expand the business. These days he is joined by his wife, Michelle, and a skilled staff of technicians,  

901 Customs is proud to offer a wide variety of auto services to individuals and businesses nationwide. Whether you need help with new luxury cars, damaged limos, tricked-out trucks, or anything in between - we can create all new looks from scratch or just improve and repair what’s already there.


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